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Your Own Magic

May 25, 2020

Let me paint you a picture of how inspiring this Woman is. She has created a plethora of cosmic art prints, cards, journals, + more for our soul, illustrated my poetry, is deeply connected to nature + the Universe, and her business DreamyMoons has grown rapidly due to her strong intuitive guidance. So happy to...

May 22, 2020

magic mini - a short clip of a yom memory.

Remembering this cosmically guided episode with a close friend, Jordan Younger aka The Balanced Blonde. This was Jordan's second time on the show + before she walked the path of finding out about Lyme.

ps. her podcast 'Soul on Fire' inspired YOM + I was on it this week -- which...

May 18, 2020

You may have belted her song "Into The Wild" while you were hiking or on long drives in nature. And now, I am so excited to have the soulful voice of Shylah Ray Sunshine on yom today. She shares her evolution as an artist, along with other pieces of her musical journey, the many genres that inspire her soulful work,...

May 11, 2020

"It is very dangerous for me to share it" - Dr. Steven Greer on the info he reveals to the world and in his new documentary, "Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind". I am so thankful to have the opp to chat about ET's + UFO's with the director of Greer's doc, Michael Mazzola. Along with my alien loving + channeling friend,...

May 4, 2020

a solo where i take several hikes and share whatever messages flow from that heart (+ whatever divine source) that were mostly inspired by my recent experiences since quarantine and what many of you have shared with me. 


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