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Your Own Magic

Jul 30, 2018

I am beyond thrilled to bring back on one of my best friends, Kristina Carillo-Bucaram! You may know her as @FullyRawKristina on YouTube and all over social media. Kristina has created her magic as one of the pioneers of introducing the raw vegan movement to the online globe, sharing her fully raw lifestyle and healing...

Jul 23, 2018

Let's unveil the healing and clarification power of your own akashic records with Jennifer Longmore. Jennifer is an internationally acclaimed radio host, 2-time best-selling author, healer, and speaker known for creating a 6 figure enterprise within the first 10 months of launching her own healing practice....

Jul 16, 2018

"You can only be authentic to the degree that you currently know yourself" - Teal Swan

This is an extra magical episode as Raquelle asks Teal Swan, aka the Spiritual Catalyst -- aka the Walking Spiritual Encyclopedia -- about living with extrasensory gifts. Teal uses her many layers from her story, gifts, and...

Jul 12, 2018

Raquelle answers even more questions! TEN pressing questions, in fact. All pieces of thread woven together to create a similar theme as part one - to heal all unhealed wounds from our past so we can be free.
This episode:
Healing from wounds from ex-relationships
Physical beauty and its relationship with...

Jul 9, 2018

Most vulnerable + exposed episode to date. 

In this episode, Raquelle goes deep as she answers soul tribe's thought-provoking questions and reveals parts of her shadow that have never been exposed before. 

This is part one of her Q+A, as questions are answered in great depth.

Some topics: 

How to recover from traumatic...