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Your Own Magic

Jun 25, 2018

Tonight let's create execution boards instead of vision boards. It's time to begin envisioning and (actually) executing that business. That blog. That piece of art. It's time to begin living that dream you desire. Living that dream you deserve. It's time to start living this... like... yesterday. Here to help you...

Jun 21, 2018

Pause where you're at + lend your ears to the last episode, part one of Lacy's magical interview (if you haven't listened to that hour of gold yet).

Part II is an extension on how to open our awareness to the Universe's "pings" so we can manifest all the things + live that magnet life of opulence, authenticity, +...

Jun 18, 2018

This episode is for the frustrated vision board creators, affirmation orators, crystal + spiritual materialism collectors, + to anyone with a dream that they’ve been holding onto for so long + do whatever, say whatever, visualize whatever they can to manifest it, yet…silence.

So honored bring you the voice + wisdom...

Jun 11, 2018

Vata? Pitta? Kapha? Which is your dominant dosha for your body + mind? This episode will give you more clarity + insight on how to balance your health, emotions, lifestyle + overall wellness -- which can be more easily improved when you know your dosha. In this episode, internationally best-selling ayurvedic author,...

Jun 3, 2018

Who would skip studying college finals to study how to hack the 'Price is Right' as a means to pursue their dreams?
Who would spend seven years of their life on a wild quest to uncover how the world's most successful people launched their careers?


Alex Banayan.

With the money he pocketed from winning the show, Alex...